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Today was one of the best days of my life! I was going to an audition. While riding in the car my excitement and nervousness grew closer to my audition time. As my parents were driving me the only thing that was keeping me calm was the scenery. Seeing so many DOPE areas full of art ,spunk, and creativity. I had to put my audition on hold (since we were running early) and get a mini photoshoot in and it was great. I want everyone to know that, what makes my style so unique and funky is that I have fun with all of my looks! I love WHO I AM and I love the BODY I'M IN. You have to love your body and take risk and be you that's the only way it goes. You have to have confidence in yourself to rock your looks and have standout style. I have on a ZARA outfit... everything is from Zara. This is one of my favorite stores. They have everything!



First let me tell you one important thing about my swag, it  is my hair. I love to try different things with it. My hair represents my style usually I wear it wild, but  for  my audition I wanted to do something different. I got it braided to the back and put into a man bun (dont get it twisted) . I created this signature style where I have 360 waves going around the back and small braids at the top. When I do this to my hair I always get tons of compliments. My point is style comes in different ways and my hair is apart of my look.   



In this look I have on light olive green overalls, a blue jeans collarless shirt, paired with a leather/ faux fur coat ALL FROM ZARA. When they have those sales my mom lets me go CRAAAZY and I stay in there. The shoes are not from Zara, but they are a brand called New Balance and I got them from Nordstrom. I've got several gold brooches on today to stay true to my outgoing personality I just pinned them on my overall strap. This is something you dont see everyone doing. I am unqiue and like to find ways to be different. I have a secret and it's time to tell the world  EVERY COLOR GOES TOGETHER... I feel that there is not one color that can't be paired with another. I'm not saying that everything in your clothes goes together, because some fabrics clash, some clothing designs clash, and they just don't ( mix or flow).  Which your look should always do its important but I do feel Colors all mix and it's your job to make them flow. There's all different colors here in this look but I made them mix well and flow excellently.




 All Clothes - ZARA [ coat , overalls, shirt ]


Shoes - NORDSTROM [shoes]


Brooches- [Salvation Army THRIFT STORE]


Barber: Shop Official (My Dad Owner)


Hair: Jeniece Mcburnie


Photo: A snap of reality (My Dad)


We are your file for style ~ #yourfile4style






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