Individual style is key but confidence is captivating, it is powerful, it is intriguing to everyone around you. When you gracefully walk into the room and demand attention without saying a word. It can be done, there is a way to do it. just let your personality shine through before you converse with world. The way you do it is through your personal style, little do you know your outfit is saying something. It can speak volumes before you utter a single word. 


When a woman embraces her imperfections they become her greatest strengths (took me forever to figure this out). Confidence is the one thing that can amp up any outfit. So, as I stand here about to celebrate my blog launch on today. Im letting my outfit, the fire in my eyes, the smile on my face, the gratitdue in my heart speak to you. I hope I'm speaking volumes! Im so happy for this day and will forever be



Dress Bloomingdale's

Jacket 3NYC

Clutch hidden gem found in NYC


And remember, we are your file for style!



Kesha Styles



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