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Giving this post some print on print love! 


If you follow me on snapchat or insta stories you know that I am head over heels in love with prints and anything floral. My go to item usually has a print or some sort of bold color. 


3 things that I live by are stay CREATIVE never let your creative juices stop flowing, Always stay CONFIDENT in whatever your style is (Dare to be you and own it), COLOR  standing in your truth, boldness, and taking ownership and power over your life.  


I take full ownership of my print explosion featured here! Prints give me so much life and truly represent my personality and genre of style. Prints are the new staple pieces in my closet!You can mix them with just about anything...Seriously try it! Pair a beautiful printed blouse with those black slacks or pencil skirt. Then BAM! Instant STLYE FILE  alert, out with the old and in with the new you! ready to take on the world.


I have a secret to tell you guys THE KEY TO ROCKING A PRINT ON PRINT STYLE ... Drum roll pleeeease! Its so simple all you need to do is make sure there is at least one matching color in each print that you combine! Another tip, stripes and leopards don't count as a print! They are called neutrals now a days. so its safe to pair those with anything printed. The same print in different sizes also works well, for example my skirt has larger flowers than my shirt but they still work themselves out! Stick to similar color tones and you are all set. Yassssss!! WHOOOHOOO!! Whoosah now you can breathe and have fun mixing and matching your favorite prints! 


Wait, hold up, can we discuss my awesome GUCCI bag tho! Lets give it the full recognition it deserves. Gucci went in for the kill this season and luckily my sister purchased this dope bag. Knowing that she is not a small/crossbody girl. Soooo, I patiently waited for the BAG SWAP! Instant win! I absolutely love it... It reigns my style and panache. The bold green with the red signature stripe, fresh salt water pearl embedded into the gold embelishment. Ladies just say yessss to the bag swap! I'm still swooning over the bag and my double print style. This look definitely deserves to be embraced by the Chicago city life.


I want to thank this hidden gem I found while scouting the perf place and Chicago scene to take a photo. Mind you it was 12 degrees outside on a sunday afternnon. It was snowing out and very hard to get the perfect picture while the snow was falling. We noticed this slightly dim venue, where they were serving hot chocolate! Went inside to find this amazing place! The decore was amazing. It was like a photog/stylist dream! I could have cried (but I didnt want to wreck my makeup). The graffiti on the walls, the bold colors, the amazing design, the rustic stairwell, all came together perfect for this shoot! So a huge thank you to Sawada Coffee USA for allowing us to capture such an awesome moment for our STYLE FILE


And remember, we are your file for style!


Photo Credit Rashied Matthews

Shirt bebe

Skirt Nordsrtom 

Bag Gucci

Hair Laura Lewis (Satisfaction Beauty Salon)

Nails LaQuisha Smith (Room Spa)



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