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I'm masked. Enclosed. I've went through some of my biggest, boldest, rough patches in my life. I've been locked away. I shut myself out from it all!  Being broken into pieces is an understatement, how about broken down to the core? Yeah, that's more like it. I stopped doing the one thing that gave me an outlet away from it all. How do I bring myself to start doing what I love again? Frequently asked question "Styles, when is your next fashion show"? 


How do you tell someone that you don't have a desire to follow your dreams anymore? How do you explain to them that you have fashion block (same as writers block)? Life slapped me in the face (Hard ASF) . Unexpected pregnancy, being a wifey, working for another mofo, trying to make ends meet, I mean life has really shown me who he/she really is. 


Yet, I stand here masked to encourage someone and to say its over now! I stand here enclosed, to say whatever I went through is over now! I take it all as life lessons learned and I truly believe God won't give you anymore than you can handle. You see layers of fashion, material things, hopefully a dope pic by (Garbero Photography) lol. In reality this picture represents being masked and shut out! I went from thinking I had it all together to having everything snatched. If we had all day I could tell you my life story, and then you would understand some of the things that I have endured. Then you would know that its my time to shine and I'm back on my fashion grind. While I was shut out from it all I took a journal and just started writing my ideas, thoughts, wants, and desires.


Im breaking down barriers for myself, proving to myself that I can and will succeed by following my dreams, When you realize that you have been looking for things in the wrong places, but somehow God blessed you abundantly with what you didn't think you deserved. I see things clearly now, I know my direction and is my open outlet to shine through and share fashion tips and vids with you all. My talent has grown and many may not understand but passion burns within and no one can put that fire out if God is in it!


I did it! I jumped! This is my jump, leap, heck I'm diving off the rooftop! This is my jump into my destiny and Im ready! On 1/7/2017 I will shed these layers & launch


Photo Credit Garbero Photography

Shirt MB Clothing Boutique

Skirt Zara 

Turtle neck & Tights Target

Necklace worn as a head piece Aldo

Gloves bebe


And Remember, we are your file for style!



Kesha Styles 




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